Be Human – Functional Fitness

We should be making the most out of life.  We're made to go running, climb mountains, surf waves and be active. If people are out of shape and struggling to with their day to day because of self inflicted disability, they are missing out on the best part of life! 

The health benefits from regular exercise can be enormous and we want to help people; whether that is losing weight to increase self-confidence, increasing mobility to reduce daily movement impingements or increasing stamina so that parents can play and keep up with their kids.


Be Human sits at the intersection of two industries.

The fitness industry - gyms, classes, PTs and the the outdoor fitness industry – surf lessons, rock climbing, outdoor group fitness. Resulting in two equally important sides of the brand: 

Fitness: building fitness, increasing it, hitting goals.
Human: Getting amongst all of the good things, the outdoors, enjoying family etc.