Blackmores - Own a feeling, own a moment of calm 

THE BRIEF (via AD School): To launch Blackmores Executive B Stress Relief formula, differentiating it from many other Vitamin B products available. 



The vitamin supplement category is very crowded. Stress effects 45% of the adult population, with women affected more than men (40% of men and 49% of women) stress is common amongst adults aged 18-49, peaking at ages 25-34. 

What are we up against:

A society that doesn't stop, the bar keeps moving and the pace keeps building. We are constantly facing walls of advertising that tell us to be more, do more, have more and achieve more.


Our audience knows that they can't avoid stress in their lives so they need to manage it somehow. 

And in a society that's taught them no other way, of course they they think it's unavoidable. So instead of loading on another 'win more' style message, We look at how we can stand out. 

The insight is 'I can't avoid stress' well.. what if you couldn't avoid calm.  

So, we look to research that tells us that repetitive motions (drawing, knitting etc) can soothe anxiety when they fulfil two criteria 1. the repetition of a sound, word, or movement, and 2. the passive setting aside of intruding thoughts and returning to the repetition. Harvard Medical School no less said, in relation to stress relief that It's the act of repetition that counts, not the content. 


Give the audience a moment of calm.

Their own moment of stress relief - and for a moment less fleeting, there’s Blackmore's Executive B. 


This construct let's us be heard without yelling.




We can be clever - we can prove to the customer what a moment of stress relief does to them as an individual.

This creative says - take your pulse. you put your hands on the screen and the billboard takes your pulse. 

In smaller font is says ‘take a moment, take a breath, and take it again’ promoting repetition. Promoting calm.

The tagline says ‘take a moment to relieve stress’ and for when you need a moment less fleeting - there’s Blackmores. 





An overused, and to use a super technical term ‘yelling platform’ that brands use - so it makes it a prime target to literally takeover with our feelings of calm. 

But not for the sake of it - I would look into how we can retarget to customers that are seen at transit stations more than three times per week before and after peak hours e.g. 7-8 am and 6-7 pm - we know this market is hard working and work longer hours. seeing these people in these location three times pre-qualifies them as someone who may be working longer - that is likely to be more stressed.  




The TVC cuts through by starting out with with glorious soft colour palette of intriguing, awe inspiring, captivating animation - you wont guess the product, but you’ll recognise the moment, the moment that you look up from your phone and pause in wonder. 

That’s when we introduce the message, This moment of calm, Your moment of stress relief.  And then the product - For when you need a moment less fleeting ties the product to the feeling. 

The aim is to grab attention using the repetition of a sound or movement, and have the customer passively set aside intruding thoughts.

We do that through intrigue.


Transit Handouts

Intrigue: Why are they handing out furry dog postcards?

Repetition: Pet the dog - a commonly used calming and companion animal

Recall: An item with higher value than just a flyer is worth keeping on your desk 

Advocate: Send to friend




The final campaign connector reminds the customer about the calm campaign and about how they can achieve the feeling of calm - not just buy a product to stop stress. POS stickers do this simply and effectively - they add the feeling to the packaging that we have invested in.



There is an opportunity here to own a feeling and build a truly integrated, engaging campaign around it. It’s a campaign that hits at the centre of the Blackmore's values and personality: 

It’s caring - we want to bring them a good thing, 
It’s honest and aware - we know what causes stress and we’re taking action to help you avoid it,
It’s warm - this campaign is about the customer, it’s about how they feel in the moment that they connect with our brand and,

it’s about making sure they walk away from our brand messages feeling better because of them.