Edible Yards is your connection to fresh, locally grown produce. 

Communities are becoming more concerned about where fresh foods are coming from and how they're produced. We're aiming to connect communitites with fresh local produce through neighbourhood gardens. 


Edible Yards embodies collaborative consumption in it's most basic form - sharing home grown, fresh produce. 

The problem: Oranges from America, spinach from China and tomatoes from Italy. Just those three things alone would total thousands of km travelled with impact from refrigeration, fuel and logistics. 

Unsustainably high food miles is the result of a lack of education around seasonal eating and support for local industry. 


A solution: A platform to share, swap or sell homegrown produce.

What does success look like: Edible Yards is a passion project looking to provoke change, promote collaboration and build communities, and that it did. Brisbane got behind the project though social awareness, street press, community groups, community gardens and schools. As well as invitations to speak about sustainable eating and how Edible Yards contributes to a solution. 


WINNER –  Green Lifestyle Magazine Awards '13 – Community Group Category