Perfection Fresh - Explore the world of taste. 

Launching a new national brand, the Perfection Fresh team enlisted us to create a strategy that would see their customers 'Explore their world of tastes'. 


Lauching a new brand Australia-wide for a company that supplies a huge percentage of the fresh Australian fruit and vegetables to our big supermarkets is a big deal. 

What made this project even more important was that at this launch, the key audience was their peers along with industry and buyers from supermarkets and growers.


We took the audience on a journey of discovery, an exploration through the companies past and into their present where they explore the world for new tastes and bring these ideas back to Australian soil to produce exciting new varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables. 


We built huge exploration diaries where conference attendees could literally explore the Perfection Fresh world of taste. 
Along side this we produced an animated journal that took the viewer through the journey of the company and explored the reasons why Perfection Fresh has always had incredible success in the Australian market. 


Creative Concept: Bloe Creative | TVC Agency: Surge Media | Campaign rollout: Bloe Creative