Sarah Wesche is a designer with a focus on creative strategy.

Recently, she initiated a reduction in food miles, helped everyday people move more and reduce stress. Worked to make eduction more accessible for regional Australians and introduced one of Australia's largest fresh produce suppliers to a new market. 

She is also an amateur writer and OTT thinker. 



Edible Yards embodies collaborative consumption in it's most basic form - sharing home grown, fresh produce.



Be Human Fitness encourages people to be active, be strong, be willing. A functional training brand with a difference, Be Human is all about enjoying life. 



Own a feeling, 
Own a moment of calm. 



Launching a new brand, the Australian-wide Perfection Fresh team enlisted us to create a strategy that would see their customers 'Explore their worlds of tastes'.


CQUniversity Australia

My work with CQUni spans three major annual campaigns including the 'I'm Choosing' campaign, 'Explore' campaign and 'Perfect Partner campaign along with a University brand refresh, a new build of brand guidelines and signage manuals and much more.


I am: 

Relentlessly positive – Because in an industry where scope changes daily, budgets fluctuate and clients are involved, it's your attitude and the attitude of your team that results in the continuous production of high quality work.

Respectful – Each person you meet in your life will have something that they can teach you. Knowing that you can come to the table with any question/idea, regardless of your hierarchical status in a company is pivotal to the kind of company I want to work for. Sharing ideas and asking questions should not be reserved. 

Calculated - Design is about meeting the end game whether that's moving a user through a journey, creating an action or invoking change.  While design in a traditional sense should be beautiful, it's in the micro metrics that success is measured. 

Big picture thinker – In order to produce the details I prefer to see the big picture, understand the end-game and contribute to the strategy from a design perspective from day one. 

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